Kyaw Thinn Latt

Kyaw Thinn Latt

Kyaw Thinn Latt

Kyaw Thinn Latt has been working on spatial analysis and planning for over 20 years within Myanmar. He has a B.Sc. in Forestry from the Institute of Forestry, an MBA from Yangon Institute of Economics, and a diploma in RS/GIS from Yangon University. He has been working for WCS Myanmar Program since 2000 mainly involved in participatory land and sea use planning at village and landscape level for community-based livelihoods and conservation in forest land and seascapes with multi stakeholder engagement. He supports decision makers with geo-spatial analysis such as land cover change detection for habitat monitoring, forest biomass and carbon estimation, and construction of a geo-database for environmental conservation in Myanmar. Before joining WCS, Latt worked in Cambodia promoting protection of land areas, as Township Liaison Officer for UNDP/FAO in Myanmar. At WCS, he worked first as Database Manager and GIS Analyst for the National Tiger Survey Project, eventually becoming Landscape Coordinator of the Southern Forest Complex, Senior Strategy Marine Manager for Marine Program and now Deputy Country Program Director of WCS Myanmar.

Latt has delivered several trainings to Myanmar Government agencies and local CSOs in national and regional levels. Those stakeholders are members of National Coastal Resource Management Committee lead by the Vice President of Myanmar. In total, he has trained 141 participants from 6 Ministries, 13 Departments, 5 Institutes, 2 Enterprises, 5 NGOs and 2 Coastal Projects.

Training: BPIP

Contact info:

Burmese, English
Co-Trainer, Lead trainer
In-person, Virtual
Mekong region

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