Blue Leadership

Blue Leadership

Why Blue Leadership?

This world is different from some years ago. We live in times of multiple crises. With a growing population and increasing resource demand, the planet is facing climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.


The future is highly unpredictable, the working environment changes at a high speed. Options and risks multiply, and courses are being set. Humankind has the potential to make use of crises and transform society in a way beneficial to mankind and nature alike. In this context, many leaders ask themselves how to lead themselves, their teams and their organisations and how to initiate social change.


It is evident that business as usual will not lead to required solutions. In order to improve quality of life and achieve something that does not exist, transformation is needed.

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There is wealth of experiences form research into self-organised systems, effective online collaboration, agile management, complexity science and neuro research. Blue leadership needs to think afresh.

Our aim is to bring in this underestimated knowledge for stronger Blue Leadership to lead for a better future.

What is the Blue Leadership Journey?

With the Blue Leadership Journey, marine environmental leaders find their own answers to these questions and engage in cutting-edge leadership learning. The journey supports change agents to develop individual and collective leadership skills, to facilitate and encourage meaningful change in systems; to act consciously in times of volatility, ambiguity and complexity and to deal with challenges and blockages.

The suite of skills needed for leadership in the marine environmental field is unique.

  • It needs to be facilitative. It’s about bringing people to a table, fostering conversation, sometimes about difficult topics, and jointly initiating new things in a collaborative manner.

A key question is: How do we facilitate meaningful and effective dialogue?

  • It asks for leverage. The environmental situation asks for urgent action in a time of increasingly scare funding and time. Blue leaders need to be able to identify key points for change.

A key question is: How do we identify and implement transformational interventions that can change and develop a complex system?

  • It’s a team effort. Blue leadership happens in an entangled setting of static highly bureaucratic settings – and at the same time with highly enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. In this maze, blue leaders must act with ease and creativity.

A key question is: How do I inspire and provide orientation in times of uncertainty?

  • It’s personally demanding. Leaders need to take care of themselves, their energy and resources. They need to be able to deal with hope and frustration in themselves and others.

A key question is: Which daily practices and habits help me to persevere and lead well?

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People who can help to sail the Blue Leadership Journey:

Here you will find our ever expanding database of trainers who have Blue Leadership in their blood: They live it, sleep it, and will die for it…

Katrin Münch

Alexander Fröde

Jan Kleine Büning

Britta Heine

Resources to embark the Blue Leadership Journey:

Here you will find all the resources you need to develop a Blue Leadership training, whether in-person or in a virtual format:

  • Four modules to explore different aspects of leadership relevant for blue leaders (self, team, organization and society)
  • Hands on learning with a focus on “Simple habits for complex times”, easy-to-use practices and tools for everyday formal and informal leadership work
  • A precise and self-explanatory Blue Leadership workbook
  • Experiential educational concept based on neuroscience and learning theory

We advise that you first look at the Blue Leadership Logbook to help guide you on the journey of developing a training. These documents will give you a run-through on how to organize a fruitful in-person workshop, the materials you will need, and explain the different entertaining exercises.

Resource Type
Resource Category
A three-pager with core information about why and what of the Blue Leadership Journey.
The Leaflet of the Blue Capacity Hub explains what this initiative is about, what are the courses on offer and why choosing them. (Screen Reader Compatible / Sliced version)
The Leaflet of the Blue Capacity Hub explains what this initiative is about, what are the courses on offer and why choosing them. (Low Resolution / Web version)
The Leaflet of the Blue Capacity Hub explains what this initiative is about, what are the courses on offer and why choosing them. (High Resolution / Print version)
This logbook can be used during the Blue Leadership Journey or as a stand-alone workbook.
Example script for Blue Leadership Journey
Leaders from the ocean community reflect upon the true meaning of leadership.