Katrin Münch

Katrin Münch

Katrin Münch

Katrin is a landscape ecologist by training and passionate about organisational development. She has more than 10 years of experience in international cooperation in the field of biodiversity, policy advice, capacity development, sustainable resource use and cooperation with the private sector. As organisational developer she focuses on talent-oriented team and leadership development, strategy development and process facilitation.

With the Blue Solutions Initiative Katrin has taken part in the development and first implementations of the training for Sustainable Blue Economy and the Blue Leadership Journey.

Seen through the talent lens, Katrin is a complexity compass, which means: Filling different roles drives her and diversity is important to her. In the complexity, she keeps an overview, and the goals in mind.

She attaches importance to orchestrating processes well and aims at being present and hold the room for the people she is working with. She has a special sense for people and organisations and what they need – she observes what is needed because she is interested in accompanying them on their way.

Training: Blue Leadership , BPIP , Sustainable Blue Economy

Contact info:

English, German, Spanish
Co-Trainer, Lead trainer
In-person, Virtual

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