Erick Ross Salazar

Erick Ross Salazar

Erick Ross Salazar

Erick has developed and/or advised on marine spatial planning initiatives in Latin America, Central Africa, South East Asia, and High Seas areas. He has helped governments, regional organizations and NGOs develop marine strategies, facilitated capacity building processes, developed workshops to enhance local knowledge of marine spatial planning and responsible fisheries, and improve marine governance.

His working experience has been focused on developing marine spatial planning initiatives, promoting sustainable seafood value chains, and working with artisanal fishing communities. Erick has a doctorate degree in Ecology and Management of Living Marine Resources from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and an undergraduate degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the National University of Costa Rica.

Erick has participated as a trainer in BPiP, SBE, and MSP related workshops in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Namibia, Suriname, Uruguay, Vietnam, Europe and the COBSEA region.

Training: BPIP , Sustainable Blue Economy

Contact info:

English, Spanish
Co-Trainer, Lead trainer
Costa Rica
In-person, Virtual

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