Alexander Fröde

Alexander Fröde

Alexander Fröde

Alexander Fröde is a leadership trainer and organisational development consultant. He has 15 years of own leadership experience, leading complex teams, organisations and networks. He works with national and international organisations in strengthening leadership, for instance by designing leadership development programmes curricula, strengthening leadership tools and instruments, coaching senior executives in their leadership role, providing support for complex challenges and developing agile forms of working.

His focus topic areas are Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity. He started his career working in the international climate change negotiations and building up international climate change project. He now works with key players in the international climate change negotiations as well as senior leaders from the biodiversity and marine sustainability field.

Alexander loves to get together with others and find acupuncture points for social change, in his hometown Bonn and at many other places. When he is not diving in complexity, he loves to be at the seaside, feet in the water and wind in the face.

Training: Blue Leadership

Contact info:

English, German
Co-Trainer, Lead trainer
In-person, Virtual

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